RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Management 

HandsOn RFID is a cloud-based RFID asset tracking and inventory management system that  enables companies to track and identify inventory, people and any other assets with ease!

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We can offer all kinds of RFID tags for a wide range of applications. From label tags to hard-tags, from active to passive tags, we will make sure to supply you with the right RFID tag that will meet your needs.
RFID Readers

RFID Readers

With years of experience in deploying RFID solutions, we can provide a variety of RFID readers. From handheld readers to integrated industrial readers, we will deliver the right solution that meets your objectives.

Management Software

Our Management Software allows you to manage assets and create zones through a cloud-based portal. Apart from advanced reporting, you can also receive custom email, sms and voice call alerts to notify you on important events. 

Scan, Search and Add assets with ease


Our portable handheld reader allows you to scan multiple assets, search for a particular asset or add an asset by linking an RFID tag. With GPS, 4G and a WiFI connection, our RFID handheld reader allows you to track asset movement virtually anywhere on the planet!


Management Software that grows with your business

Our web-based cloud software allows you to manage your assets, zones, alerts and many other aspects of your asset tracking requirements. Providing full reporting capabilities, the software can be easily integrated with other enterprise management systems using our public Rest API.


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" HandsOn RFID provides for nearly 100% accurate, real-time inventory information."

– Gartner

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