RFID Active Tags

Powerful data capture from a long distance.


Active Tags


RFID Active Tags contain a battery and are thus capable of much greater reading distances. Unlike passive tags that rely on the energy transmitted by the RFID reader to power them, active tags have their own power source (usually a battery) and actively transmit data using radio waves. This gives active tags several advantages, making them suitable for specific applications that require longer read ranges, real-time tracking, and more data storage capacity.

Active 433MHZ

These RFID tags are battery-powered and can be read from 20 to 100 m at high speeds. They can be activated by RFID readers, broadcasting their unique IDs (conventional mode), or continuously broadcast a signal for real-time location systems, functioning as beacons.

Active 2.45GHZ

The type of Active tags can offer up to 100m read range and are usually used for highway toll collection and vehicle identification. This type of tag can store larger amounts of data.

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