RFID Gateways 

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RFID Gateways 


RFID Gateways are industrial PCs that play a crucial role in enabling communication between RFID tags attached to assets and our back-end software that manages and processes the data from those tags. From data collection, filtering and alerting these gateways are the brains of any RFID solution.

Embedded Computer

This is an all-in-one PC combining everything required to collect and send data to our cloud system. It is designed for a variety of applications in the industrial environment. It features a fanless design which ensures a significantly prolonged lifespan and high system availability.

Wireless 4G Embedded Computer

Apart from the process power and reliability, this PC is usually capable of connecting to the internet wireless using WiFi or 4G connectivity. Ideally for areas with no or limited internet connectivity.

Rackmount Server

The gateway can be installed on a rack-mount server for more complex solutions involving multiple readers and antennas. The server is quite slim (2U) and can be installed in existing data centers.

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