RFID Passive Tags

Low-cost asset tracking is possible.


Passive Tags


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) passive tags are small electronic devices that can be attached or embedded in objects to enable wireless identification and tracking. These tags do not have an internal power source and rely on the energy transmitted by an RFID reader to power them. Passive RFID tags are widely used in logistics, supply chain management, and asset tracking.

Label Tags

RFID Label tags are made using flexible substrates, such as plastic or paper. They offer a cost-effective solution for applications like packaging, disposable labels, and item-level tracking. These label tags are usually printable and fully customizable.

Rugged Tags

RFID rugged tags are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments and challenging conditions. They are built with durable materials and robust construction to ensure reliable performance in rugged applications.  Their versatility and wide range of applications make them a popular choice in industries where ruggedness and durability are essential.

On-Metal Tags

On-metal RFID tags are specifically designed to be attached or mounted directly on metal surfaces. Unlike standard RFID tags, which may experience interference and reduced performance when placed on metal, on-metal tags are engineered to overcome this challenge.

Keg Tags

Keg RFID tags are a specific type of RFID tag designed for tracking and managing kegs used in the beer, beverage, and hospitality industries. These tags are attached to kegs to enable efficient identification, inventory management, and tracking throughout the keg’s lifecycle.

Laundry Tags

Laundry RFID tags are specifically designed for use in the textile and laundry industry to track and manage textiles, garments, linens, and other laundered items. These tags are typically attached to the items or embedded within them, allowing for automated identification, sorting, and tracking throughout the laundry process.

Livestock Tags

RFID livestock tags are specifically designed for identifying and tracking individual animals in the livestock industry. These tags are typically attached to the ears or other parts of livestock, such as cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs, and contain an RFID transponder that enables unique identification and data capture.

Glass Tags

Glass tags, also known as glass-encapsulated RFID tags or glass transponders, are a type of RFID tag where the RFID chip and antenna are encased in a small glass capsule or tube. These tags are designed to be small, durable, and resistant to environmental factors, making them suitable for various applications.

Iron Tags

RFID iron tags are a specific type of RFID tag designed for attachment to iron or ferrous metal objects. These tags are engineered to work effectively on iron surfaces, which can pose challenges for standard RFID tags due to interference caused by the metal.

Fuel Tags

RFID fuel tags are a type of RFID tag specifically designed for use in the fueling and fleet management industries. These tags are typically affixed to vehicles or fuel tanks to enable efficient and secure fueling operations, automated data capture, and improved fuel management.

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