RFID Readers 

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RFID Readers

RFID readers, also known as RFID interrogators or scanners, are devices used to communicate with RFID tags. They emit radio frequency signals via an RFID antenna to interact with RFID tags, which respond by transmitting their unique identification data back to the reader. RFID readers play a crucial role in the functioning of RFID systems, enabling data exchange between the tags and the central database or software application.

Passive RFID Reader (4-port)

The four-port fixed UHF RFID reader featuring Impinj E710 and R2000 RFID chip supports RS232 and RJ45 ethernet connection, and is compatible with various antennas. Resistant to electromagnetic interference and with excellent heat dispersion, this high-integration and stable reader is ideal for complex environments like warehousing, library management, banking, apparel, jewelry, medical equipment cabinets, and vending machines.

Passive RFID Reader (8-port)

The high-performance fixed 8-port RFID reader is powered by a 2.0GHz quad-core CPU for efficient data processing. It utilizes the Impinj E710 and R2000 chip, enhancing its UHF performance. The reader offers multiple interfaces and supports various power supplies, making it suitable for complex environments such as warehousing, library management, production lines, medical device cabinets, and unmanned retail.

Passive RFID Reader (4/8-port) with Android OS

The Android powered RFID reader is a newly launched high-performance fixed RFID reader. Adopting Android 11 operating system, 2.0GHz quad-core CPU, the reader possesses powerful data processing capabilities. The reader Integrates RS232, RJ45, HDMI and other interfaces, and supports DC, POE, POE+ power supplies.

Passive RFID Desktop Reader

The desktop UHF RFID reader enables short read distance within 45cm. Combined with a high-efficiency collision processing algorithm, it delivers fast reading and writing of tags and maintains a high identification rate as well. The reader supports Windows / Android / IOS applications and allows data transmission via Bluetooth, Type C or USB.

Passive RFID Integrated Reader

The high-performance single-channel fixed and integrated RFID reader is both convenient and affordable. Employing a high-performance module and working together with an integrated high-performance antenna, the reader’s UHF performance is outstanding. The reader supports RS-232, RJ45 and GPIO communication interfaces. UR1A is applicable widely in warehousing, archives management, library management, banking, production line management and other fields.

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