RFID Software

Manage your assets and inventory with ease


RFID Software


Our RFID portal allows you to manage all your assets and their movement with ease. From creating assets to zones, you can monitor any movement and track your assets with a click of a button. You can also receive alerts via email or SMS when certain assets are detected in a specific zone allowing you to keep track of all your assets at all times.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a cloud-based software that can be accessed through any internet browser. You can manage assets, zones, alerts, and users and issue various reports on asset detection and movement.

Handheld Software

The handheld software enables users to scan RFID-tagged assets, add or edit asset information and search for a particular asset. The handheld is ideal for quick and manual inventory management in warehousing, archives management, library management, retail, and production line management, amongst many other applications.


With our powerful API, you can create your own custom integrations and apps.

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