RFID Antennas

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RFID Antennas


RFID antennas are essential components of an RFID system that play a crucial role in facilitating communication between RFID readers and RFID tags. These antennas emit radio frequency (RF) signals and receive the responses from RFID tags, enabling the exchange of data between the reader and the tags.

5dBi RFID Antenna

The 5dBi Panel RFID Antenna, boasts excellent stability and high data security. With front-to-rear ratio, narrow side-lobe, and 5dBi gain, it ensures accurate and rapid reading of multiple tags within a moderate range. Despite its small size and lightweight, it is easy to install due to its low profile. Moreover, the antenna holds an IP67 certification, indicating a high level of protection

9dBi RFID Antenna

The 9dBi Antenna supports long-distance reading and bulk-tags reading with the assurance of high data security. The device is portable, lightweight, and effortless to install, and intermittently has a high IP protection rating. Can be mounted on a pole, wall bracket or in the ceiling.

12dBi RFID Antenna

The 12dBi Antenna is the most powerful antenna for long-distance reading and bulk-tags reading with the assurance of high data security. Ideal for Industry 4.0 applications, this antenna ensures accuracy, speed and reading reliability.

RFID Portal Antenna

RFID portal antennas are ideal for capturing RFID tags when passing through doorways and passageways. Also called an RFID gate, this type of antenna automatically registers all passing RFID tags attached on objects or persons to be identified.

Shelf RFID Antenna

Shelf antennas are a unique category of RFID antennas that are suited for very specific applications and tagged item placement. Shelf antennas are unique because they are designed to read any tagged item placed on or right above their surface. They are ideal to place underneath shelves so as to capture and identify any tagged objects being placed on the shelf.

Ground RFID Antenna

The ground RFID antenna is ideal to be used as a floor mat and its main application is for sports and race timing systems. The ground antenna is waterproof and dustproof and is ruggedised to work in harsh environments.

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